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Serverless Heartbeat


The project contain a lambda (HeartbeatRequestHandler) which writes the received data to DynamoDB. The request and response objects are build according to the docs:


Use the following steps to deploy a stack (aws cli should be installed and configured):

build the code using maven

mvn clean install

create S3 bucket

aws s3 mb s3://<bucket-name>

package the template and upload the jar to the bucket

aws cloudformation package --template-file heartbeat-template.yaml --output-template-file heartbeat-template-output.yaml --s3-bucket <bucket-name>

deploy the stack in CF

aws cloudformation deploy --stack-name <stack-name> --template heartbeat-template-output.yaml --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

Build plan

Please, visit

The build has a deployment stage which can deploy a stack on Amazon. It is required to override the following variables: and